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Pedro Furtado

Filmmaker, Camera Operator, Storyteller 
Pedro Furtado is a multi-talented Brazilian cinematographer with a deep passion for storytelling and conservation. With a particular affinity for the ocean, Pedro has honed his skills as both a professional diver and a marine biologist, allowing him to bring a unique perspective to his film projects. He has made a name for himself in the industry by expertly documenting wildlife and capturing the beauty of the natural world, while also using his work to shed light on pressing conservation issues. Pedro's ocean-related film projects, including the award-winning documentary "The Good Dolphins," have been lauded for their technical excellence and emotional impact. However, Pedro's talents are not limited to the ocean - he is equally at home in the Amazon or any other remote corner of the world, always eager to take on new challenges and bring important stories to life on the big screen.

Camera Operator

I can work as Camera Operator, Camera assistant & Photographer for Topside or Underwater assignments.

I do own equipment which allows me to shoot up to 4K underwater, topside, or in the air.


I`m able to edit from small and simple projects to documentary size films.

I have a computer that can handle heavy loads of footage up to 4k/6k resolution and high frame rates.


I can work as a researcher for your production/project.

My specialties are conservation and ocean-related stories, but I can work with any kind of Wildlife and I`m also very interested in working with sports as well.


Brazil is definitely one of the best places to film in the world,
I can help you to get where you want and achieve the goal of your production